Each of our flowergirl dresses have been designed in house by our design team.

We where inspired by making our flower girls feel like the princesses they are, so where particularly drawn to big ruffles and extravagant bows.

All these dresses can be hand made, in any size and every colour 

Cinderella Dress Cinderella Dress

Cinderella Dress

£99.00 GBP

Fabia Dress Fabia Dress

Fabia Dress

£130.00 GBP

Galaday Dress Galaday Dress

Galaday Dress

£99.00 GBP

Lana Dress Lana Dress

Lana Dress

£99.00 GBP

Marnie Dress Marnie Dress

Marnie Dress

£130.00 GBP

Nala Dress Nala Dress

Nala Dress

£99.00 GBP

Nellie Dress Nellie Dress

Nellie Dress

£130.00 GBP

Princess Sparkle Dress Princess Sparkle Dress
Rio Dress Rio Dress

Rio Dress

£99.00 GBP

Rosabell Dress Rosabell Dress

Rosabell Dress

£99.00 GBP

Rosie Dress Rosie Dress

Rosie Dress

£99.00 GBP

Thumbalina Dress Thumbalina Dress

Thumbalina Dress

£99.00 GBP

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